Why Personal Gifts Are Better!

We here at Echo Wind Chimes truly believe in selling American made (and sourced) gifts and we believe in making gifts as special as possible for people.  That’s why most of our wind chimes can be personalized. With the holiday … Continue reading

Eco Wind Chimes Says Relax With A Bath!

Ok, we here at Eco Wind Chimes normally want you to be outside enjoying our wind chimes. But, there are ways to relax at home and in the bathtub. Now, some people do hang wind chimes on their shower curtains- this … Continue reading

Halloween Wind Chimes Make Great “Spooky” Decorations.

EcoWindChimes.com is selling a Bass Japanese Wind Chime with a “spooky” tone. EcoWindChimes.com specializes in selling affordable wind chimes online that are American-made and sourced. The company is offering its Bass Japanese Wind Chime to Halloween enthusiasts this year. The … Continue reading

5 Reasons Music Therapy Works

We here at Eco Wind Chimes sell a lot of products based on the evidence associated with music therapy. People use wind chimes for more than mere decorative purposes. Wind chimes are purchased for relaxation and music therapy uses, too.  Here … Continue reading