Free Relaxation!

I heard someone recently say they couldn’t relax because it costs “too much money.” Isn’t this an odd thing to say? I thought so. Relaxation shouldn’t be about money. If you’re thinking about money when you’re “relaxing” then guess what- you’re not relaxing.

I build my company, Eco Wind Chimes, to promote relaxation. However, I was so concerned with the statement I heard about money that I decided to jot down a few ways you can relax and for free.

1. Start a journal and write in it for 15 minutes everyday and at the end of the day. Why the end of the day? It will let you vent any concerns or frustrations. Venting will help you relieve any stress and you will be more likely to sleep.

2. Music. Sure, meditation music is ideal but it isn’t a requirement. As long as your mind is engaged with the music you prefer, you’re actually relaxing. Even if you listen to heavy metal! So, turn on that free radio station and start singing along.

3. Walk. Not only is walking great for your body, walking releases dopamine which makes people happy and not as stressed. If you walk for only ten minutes a day, you will feel better and your mood will improve.

You don’t have to buy one of my wind chimes, a relaxation CD or go to a fancy spa to find a way to relax. Try one (or all) of the tips I noted above and I think you will find that relaxing for free IS possible.

Stephen Betzen

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