Fall Decorations & Where to Place Wind Chimes.

Fall has arrived! Many people start breaking out their red, yellow and orange decorations to celebrate fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving for the next two months. But did you know you can incorporate wind chimes into your fall decorating efforts? Here’s how;

First, make sure you are using fall colored wind chimes. We here at Eco Wind Chimes sell a Red Himalayan wind chime that works perfectly for both fall and the holiday season. We also offer the Himalayan wind chimes in yellow and green. You can view, and hear, them here:  http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Himalayan-Echo-Small-Red-Wind-Chime-p/3s-red.htm

Start off hanging the wind chime in an unusual spot to catch guests by surprise. Kitty-corner in a bathroom is an interesting concept. We have even heard of people hanging wind chimes from the first shower rod! Get creative and be unexpected.

You can also place the wind chimes from a vent in the home. Somewhere not seen by guests. This way the guests will hear the wind chimes but have to seek out or start a conversation on the sound. It is a perfect way to break the ice when new company arrives.

These are just a couple of ideas. We would really like to hear what your fall decorating tips are. Connect with Eco Wind Chimes on Twitter.

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