Halloween Wind Chimes Make Great “Spooky” Decorations.

EcoWindChimes.com is selling a Bass Japanese Wind Chime with a “spooky” tone.

EcoWindChimes.com specializes in selling affordable wind chimes online that are American-made and sourced. The company is offering its Bass Japanese Wind Chime to Halloween enthusiasts this year. The chime is black and over ninety inches in length. It has a natural “spooky” tone to it, perfect for those who love to celebrate  Halloween or the macabre year round. A sample of the chime can be heard by clicking here: http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Bass-Japanese-Wind-Chime-p/jb.htm

“While this wind chime wasn’t created to be “spooky”, its tone can be perceived this way. I’ve had a lot of people buy it for Halloween and place a fan under it to give Trick or Treaters an extra chill up their spines,” said owner Stephen Betzen. “I’ve also had fans of horror movies, white witches and lovers of the macabre invest in this wind chime and praise it.”

The Bass Japanese Wind Chime is on sale during the month of October.  EcoWindChimes.com is offering it at $110 dollars below the suggested retail price. Additionally, the wind chime comes with a 365- day return policy.

“Not only am I offering this wind chime during October at a hundred dollar discount, I’m offering it with free shipping and handling.  I really think people who love dark and mysterious tones will enjoy this product year round,” continued Betzen.

For more information on EcoWindChimes.com, or to view a photo of the Bass Japanese Wind Chime, please click here: http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Bass-Japanese-Wind-Chime-p/jb.htm

About: Eco Wind Chimes was launched in 2005. The soothing products produced by Eco Wind Chimes match the company’s dedication to quality workmanship, affordability, and purposeful retail. All Eco Wind Chime products are made, and sourced, in the USA. More information, and a media kit, can be found by clicking here: http://www.ecowindchimes.com



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