Eco Wind Chimes Says Relax With A Bath!

Ok, we here at Eco Wind Chimes normally want you to be outside enjoying our wind chimes. But, there are ways to relax at home and in the bathtub. Now, some people do hang wind chimes on their shower curtains- this is not a requirement for the following relaxation tip.

First, know what you need for your bath.

1. Plenty of hot water.

2. 1/4 cup baking soda pour into the bath under the faucet.

Turn the lights off. Light candles. If possible, set your smart phone to a relaxation station.

Don’t worry about shaving, soaping up, etc. during a relaxing bath. Instead, focus on your breathing and allow your muscles to soak in the steaming hot water.  That’s it! Don’t fall asleep- we don’t want you putting yourself in danger. If you’re really, really tired- wait on the bath.

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