Why Personal Gifts Are Better!

We here at Echo Wind Chimes truly believe in selling American made (and sourced) gifts and we believe in making gifts as special as possible for people.  That’s why most of our wind chimes can be personalized. With the holiday season upon us, you can order a gift that is sustainable, promotes the American economy and is also personal. Oh, did we mention you don’t have to fight traffic or crowds at the mall? You can order online and listen to each one of our chimes’ tones before purchasing.


Reasons why personal gifts are always better!

1. You show you put thought into a gift. Anyone can go to the mall. To have a gift personalized requires effort! You really had to think about, plan and detail a gift that is personal.

2.  The gift can’t be returned. Don’t worry about the person returning your gift for cash. Personal gifts can’t be exchanged- and why would they?

3. The person who gets the gift will think of you every time he or she looks at or uses it!

4.  You didn’t get him or her what someone else already bought for them.  Buying a personal gift means there will not be the worry or embarrassment of giving the receiver something he or she already has or will receive tomorrow.

So, you see, a personal gift is always a great idea. Need help deciding which wind chime to buy? Call us. We’re here to help!

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