Homemade Wind Chimes Made by Kids!

Kids want to give their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. gifts around the holiday season. Instead of prompting your child to color a photo or make a pillow in art class, why not help him or her make wind chime gifts!

Here’s how;

1. Find tin cans of all shapes and sizes. Left over soup cans, bean cans, etc. will work just fine.

2.  Obtain washable tempera paint in a variety of colors.

3. We feel a regular cooking / basting brush works best for this project. If you don’t have one, a regular paint brush works just fine.

4. Washers (two per can)

Have the child paint the cans. Glitter can be added while the paint is wet for some extra holiday cheer. Some kids love applying stickers after the pain dries, too. Painting the gift receiver’s name and year the gift was presented is also clever.

When the cans are completely dry, punch holes in the cans so string can be run through.  A simple hammer and nail will do the trick. Don’t let the kids do this part. Parents only.

Take a  long piece of yarn and push it through the holes in the cans. Next, tie two washers onto the end of the string, inside the tin cans. One washer is used to hold the yarn in place, The other washer is placed at the end of the string to make a clanking sound when it hits the can.

Pull all the strings together to make a knot, allowing the different cans to overland one another.

Present as a gift!

This project is fun, simple and cheap. Your kids will go crazy for it.

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