Valentine’s Day Unique Gifts

Valentine’s Day Unique Gifts

With less than a month to go, sweet hearts are on the search for the most personal, unique Valentine’s Day gift. Jewelry is common, chocolates don’t last, and flowers are too generic. If you’re seeking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift why not go with one of our wind chimes?

Our wind chimes make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because of several factors. First, they’re eco-friendly. Second, they can be engraved- making them personal and showing you put real effort into selecting a thoughtful gift. Third, and most important, these gifts look great. Each time your sweetie hears or glances at the wind chimes, he or she will think of you!

While we here at Eco Wind Chimes recommend any of our wind chime products as a Valentine’s Day gift, we’ve selected a few recommendations for you to consider.

  • Grace Notes Wind Chimes has a beautiful product called Small Stardust Wind chimes. These wind chimes are hand crafted using only the finest harmonically tuned aluminum tubing. Right now this product is on sale for less than a hundred dollars.
  • Music of the Spheres’ Soprano Chinese Wind chimes are on sale for less than ninety dollars. This subtle wind chime produces light yet distinctive tones that are perfect for soothing away the stresses of daily life.
  • Heart Engraved Slate Plaque. While this product isn’t a wind chime, it makes for a perfect ornament of your love and can be easily hung on any office or home door or wall.

Picking out a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. If you need help personalizing a wind chime or slate plate, please call us. Our friendly team is eager to listen to your needs and recommend products.

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