Valentine’s Day Tossed to the Wind.

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Have you ever received a terrible Valentine’s Day gift? Think about this…. There you are, sitting with your loved one and you can’t wait to open up his or her gift.  Without fail, the gift that is supposed to represent your love flops.  Don’t let yourself be labeled as terrible gift giver. We here at Eco Wind Chimes can help you give an amazing, personal gift that will be cherished forever.  Sure, Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away but we can make it happen- shipping and all.

We offer personalized windchimes. The gift will show your loved one how thoughtful you are. Whatever message you want to put on the windchime, including “will you marry me” can be accommodated. Plus, our windchimes are eco-friendly and American-made and sourced. Your purchase will also help benefit a business owner across the world as a portion of our profits are donated to Kiva!

Now, if you want to give a terrible Valentine’s Day gift- keep reading. We’ve collected some of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts in the history of the holiday and listed them below;

#1.  Mix tape. Yes, the mix tape was one of the worst gifts in the history of Valentine’s Day because the quality was usually terrible- being recorded directly from the radio and all. While the thought did count, it usually wasn’t enough to give anyone kudos for thinking of a great gift.

#2. A framed picture of yourself. Yep, this is a creepy one. A framed picture of the two of you, perfect. A framed picture of just you? Conceded and creepy.

#3.  Twilight anything. Not only is this vampire trend so over, it is so for 15 year old girls.  Don’t give anyone anything Twilight related- unless you’re looking to breakup with him or her.

That’s it. Above are the three gifts you need to stay away from. In the meantime, check out what we have to offer by clicking below.

Stephen Betzen of Eco Wind Chimes

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