It’s About “Chime”

Some say they don’t have time for relaxation. We here at Eco Wind Chimes will never understand this. Everyone needs to take time out for themselves once in a while. While wind chimes aren’t going to solve your problems or take away all of your stress, they can help keep you calm and clearly thinking during times of pressure or worry.

Doctors today are even acknowledging the power of relaxation.  Many illnesses are exasperated by the presence of stress. While investing in one of our, or any, wind chime isn’t going to cure a medical condition, it can certainly help prevent a relapse of a condition or a prolonged and/or worsening of symptoms.

If you are waiting on your wind chimes to arrive, here are some steps to help you relax in the duration;

  1. Understand nothing in life is permanent. We are always changing and evolving as people. Problems come and go, too. Take a step back from a stressful situation and give yourself permission to let it be for a day.
  2. Drink a cup of hot tea. It may read as a silly tip, but drinking hot tea does more than warm you up. It actually helps you to relax and stay calm- especially chamomile tea!
  3. Go for a walk. Yes, walking helps to release dopamine in the brain, which works to alleviate your stress.
  4. Start with the video below. While it is meant to be humorous, we can learn something from it.

“Vacation from your problems”


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