Five ways to decorate your home for spring.

We here at Eco Wind Chimes would like to talk about the five trends for spring 2014 decorating. While we know you would utilize our wind chimes both indoors and outdoors, there are some spring decorating trends we would like to share with you.

1.Citrus colors; the biggest trend for spring decorating 2014 is incorporating citrus-based colors. Oranges, bright pinks, warm yellows, and golden tones are big accent colors for the spring season. While you may want to choose a new fabric or paint to meet this trend, we also offer wind chimes in these color tones.

2.Floral fabric; many people are expected to spice up their headboards by adding a floral fabric accent. The simple addition of a yard of floral fabric incorporated into, or easily placed upon, a headboard is another way to prepare your home.

3.Peel and stick wallpapers; peel and stick wallpaper allows you to decorate for spring 2014 without a year-long commitment. Popular patterns include brightly colored florals, textured solid colors, or bright white stencils that offset a wall.

4.Yellow picture frames; citrus colors are big for spring 2014. If you don’t want to commit to an orange or yellow wall try adding yellow picture frames to your existing photos. This will add a spring – like feel to your home.

5.Simple centerpieces; the trend for floral centerpieces in spring of 2014 is to eliminate the floral force. Bright green shrubbery utilized in a circular glass base is going to be the biggest trend 2014. Because many fabrics will utilize floral elements, as well as wallpapers, playing centerpieces must offset this trend. The good news is, while the centerpieces may not contain floral accents themselves, they are fairly inexpensive and you may be able to put more than one on the table.

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