Different placements for your wind chimes.

Traditionally, we consider putting wind chimes outside. There are many different ways to utilize windchimes, just like there are many different rooms in place when chimes to feature their beauty. Some people like to place their windchimes in the bathroom on Charlie’s. The purpose served is to bring a chime when someone is entering or exiting the shower as well as create a unique focal point. Other people like to place windchimes over a four-year threshold for luck. No matter where you place windchimes in your home, they will always act as a constant reminder of internal peace.

Some other unique ways the place wind chimes around inside of your home are as follows; in the kitchen – as a weight loss tool, you could place the wind chimes over a cabinet that may contain goodies so when the cabinet is opened the chime alert everyone in the home to your; in the dining room – facing the wind chimes over or attached to a ceiling fan above the table creates a further sense of height and a lovely conversation piece to get dinner guests acquainted with one another; in the living room – if you place the wind chimes close to or even hooked upon a heating or air conditioning vent then there will be a flowing, yet simple reminder of the beautiful music achieved by owning a wind chimes.

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