Why Buy Wind Chimes Online?

One of the many questions we receive is in regards to saving money when purchasing wind chimes. Is it actually possible to save money online when fine wind chimes? The answer simply is yes! When you buy wind chimes at a retail location, they are marked up because you have to cover employees, rants, and utilities. All those costs are factored into the price of products when sold at physical retail stores. Even the cost of that impact every consumer. When you buy online, the retailer does not have these factors to consider.

When you go on to our website you will notice the suggested retail price from our vendors and the price we are actually selling each wind chimes four. We are able to sell these wind chimes at low prices because we do not have a retail location, employees, the possibility of theft, utilities, or other business related expenses. Additionally, we don’t have to sacrifice quality over quantity. We are able to sell American – made an American – sourced wind chimes at affordable prices.

Even better – we offer free shipping and handling for all purchase over $150. If you’re a veteran, you will always receive free engraving services as our way of saying “thank you”.

Eco Wind Chimes

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