Kiva and Eco Wind Chimes

We have received many questions about our involvement with Kiva. Well,  our involvement is pure and simple; we are involved! Our company has always been about doing the right thing regardless if it is for the environment or people thousands of miles away in need of someone who can and will believe in them!

The majority of our profits are donated to Kiva. We have received amazing gratitude and response to our Kiva campaign. Here is our official Kiva page:

What we here love about Kiva is it is an opportunity, not a hand out. Can we or you get burned? Sure, but that rarely happens. You often are paid back and you are investing in someone that hasn’t had the same opportunities as many of us who live here in America.

We are committed to making the world a better place to live. We know our customers are, too.  If you are just as inspired as us then start a team today! Even HP donates to Kiva, almost close to a million dollars!

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