Wind Chime Lawsuit

There sure are some angry people in the world, right?! We recently posted a story about two neighbors in California suing one another over wind chimes. What is the world coming to? I decided to Google the phrase “wind chime lawsuit” and the results were shocking. Apparently this happens more than you think!

After my Google search, I came across over 60,200 links dedicated to multiple lawsuits over wind chimes? I can’t understand why. Wind chimes certainly don’t come close to reaching the decimal breaking point for the ears. In fact, most wind chimes serve a relaxing purpose. So, why are so many neighbors up in arms and up at night?

If you have a crabby neighbor, you may want to run the same Google search I performed. To avoid these issues, you can either talk to the neighbor before you hang the wind chimes or set a time every time you will take the wind chimes down.  I know one person who only makes it appoint to take his wind chimes down when the wind forecast is going to be high.

While it is sad that not everyone enjoys wind chimes, it happens. Make a plan to ensure the right to peace is instilled for both you and your neighbors and try to live in harmony.

Stephen Betzen

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