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We here at are all about relaxation, it’s why we sell American-made wind chimes.  Since the summer season is almost here, especially with Memorial Day coming up, we wanted to dedicate a blog post to the top 10 ways to relax outdoors – with or without wind chimes!

  1. Host a bike party. Biking is a repetitive motion that promotes relaxation and thought clarity. Go in a group so you stay motivated.
  2.  Walk to work.  Most places, South West not included, still remain “walkable” during the summer months. Walking to work gets your creative juices flowing while helping you relax and stay in shape.
  3. Fishing. Even if you play Catch and Release, fishing is a great way to help ease your nerves and it helps put challenges into perspective.
  4. Swimming. Yes, even if you are going to float on your back, there is something healing and organic about spending an hour in the sun and the water. Regardless if you are at a pool or in the ocean – swimming will help you de-stress.
  5. Host an nighttime picnic dinner.  You will be amazed at the relaxation wonders that come with sitting around a picnic table at night, in warm weather, with good food and a glass of wine.
  6. Walk the dog.  It is good for you and your furry friend. Plus, you become focused on walking the dog, which relaxes the senses and promotes thought productivity instead of worry.
  7. Pick wild flowers. Can’t find wild flowers? Try starting an herb garden and then pick the herbs when they grow. There is something about getting your hands dirty in the warm weather that is very therapeutic.
  8. Play a board game outside. Yes, you can relax with a get together outside. Playing a board game or cards will help you ease tension and put you outside with a friend to talk any problems or stress away.
  9. Collect rocks. Yes, rock collecting may sound odd but it helps you spy on certain shapes or colors you want in rocks. This distraction is a form of meditation and can help you relax.
  10.  Hang a clothes line.  This activity will help you save money on electricity or gas and your clothes will dry brighter or whiter.  Plus, you will inhale warm outdoor air, which is very relaxing.


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