The Wellness Wind Chime

We here at recently read a fan email about the wellness wind chime. Curious, we decided to do some investigating.  The wellness wind chime can be made from any wind chime, rather- you can turn any wind chime into a wellness wind chime. Here’s how;

First, hang the wind chime in the north east corner of your living room.

Next,  chant the phrase “peace, love, harmony, wealth” for ten minutes straight.

Next, chant the phrase “health, happiness, harmony” for another ten minutes.

Do this daily, Monday through Sunday, for a month straight.  This is twenty minutes of your life well worth investing in creating a more peaceful and healthy environment for yourself.

On day thirty one, take the wind chime down and then hang it outside your house- right above the front door.  You then want to go inside and grate the zest of a lemon into a warm bath.  Soak in the bath for a half of an hour thinking only of your past month with the wind chime.

Many people swear this interesting take on wellness really works. So, if you are battling emotional or physical issues, it is worth a try. The procedure may not be a cure, but at the very least it will relax you.

Stephen Betzen, Eco Wind Chimes

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