Music Meditation & The Use of Wind Chimes

Music meditation is the deliberate practice of calming your mind through focusing on music. Wind chimes play a major part in wind chime meditation. Music meditation has been around for decades. Currently it is referred to as “New Age Music” but you can find roots in both the Christian and Catholic religion.

How to use wind chimes for music meditation.

1. Place your wind chimes in a room dedicated specifically for relaxation. Have limited furniture and decor in this room.
2. Sit upon a comfortable mat.
3. Place a fan, on low, in front or blowing upon the wind chimes.
4. Focus on the sound of the wind chimes. Engage and identify with the sound until you are at one with the sound of the chimes and nothing else can interfere with your connection.

Meditation alone can help you relax, distress and heal you body. Adding the element of music can lower your blood pressure and correct breathing issues.

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