Boy Loves Wind Chimes, Raises Money for Autism

We here at love this story. An Ontario boy with Autism has inspired a campaign to raise money benefiting research and treatment of the disease. As the video shows, “ Tyler been fascinated by wind chimes since he was three years old. He has amassed a sizeable collection with close to 100 chimes of every size.”

While the company the boy loves is a competitor, it doesn’t matter to us because there is a lot of good going on as a result. We find it amazing that the boy can identify the chimes by ear. It is an amazing gift! In fact, you can watch the video and see the boy for yourself by clicking here:

While you can buy our wind chimes by ear, we’re not sure any of our customers can come close to Tyler’s amazing ability to identify the chimes simply by sound. Are you up for the challenge? If so, send us a video showing the same ability. In the meantime, make sure to show Tyler some love by sharing this story on Twitter using the hashtag #tylersstory.



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