Featured Wind Chime Product – Slate Wind Chimes

For the 2014 holiday shopping season, our blog is going to feature some of our best-loved wind chimes. Today, I am starting the best-loved series with the Black Earthsong Slate Wind Chimes by Grace Notes Wind Chimes.

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This particular wind chime sells on our website, EcoWindChimes.com, for less than $49- which is $14 below the SRP. The slate wind chimes arrive in an E minor chord and are almost 2 feet in length. These wind chimes also come with a one-year warranty to ensure buyer satisfaction.

As described on our website, “This black slate chime features a pentatonic scale of ancient origin, similar to our larger Earthsong wind chimes This ancient scale is a fitting match for the natural slate used in this chime. This little chime sings a beautiful melody that combines intonations from the East and West. The slate top hanger, striker, and wind plate.”

The Black Earthsong Slate Wind Chimes  are one of our most popular wind chime products because they accommodate any type of decor needs. This wind chime is also fashionably petite and its Asian-inspired chime offers a unisex tone. Engraving options are also available and the option is always free for Veterans.

Regardless if you are buying this wind chime for yourself, or your family, this holiday season- you will enjoy its flavor all year long. If you don’t know by now, Grace Notes Wind Chimes offers quality wind chime products. We are able to sell the well-respected brand on our website way below the SRP thanks to a unique relationship that we have with the company. The quality of the wind chimes is not sacrificed because the price is so affordable.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team before you make your purchase. We want your business, but we want to answer any questions before you buy. To listen to the wind chime yourself, please click here!


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