Selecting the Perfect Wind Chime.

How does one go about selecting the perfect wind chime? It really is an art. There are many factors to consider when purchasing the perfect wind chime.

Start with your location. Do you live close to neighbors? What is your outdoor space? If you are close to neighbors then loud wind chimes are now ideal. What about your outdoor space? If you have a tiny balcony then large wind chimes may be overwhelming.

Think about materials too. Bamboo is good and so is metal. Do you live in a heavy rain area? If so, discuss what materials will work best with your climate. Also, do you care if the materials are either made or sourced in America?

What about paint or glass? Do you have small children around and if so, will this be a concern should the wind chimes break?

You see, much thought should be put into the purchase of a wind chime so it compliments your property and blends well with your lifestyle and climate needs!

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