Irish Wind Chime Legends Revealed.

If you have a friend or college who is Irish- we have the best gift idea for him or her. Wind chimes. That’s right, wind chimes. Wind chimes can be given for any reason, but the are perfect as wedding, birth or new home gifts.

I say for the Irish people specifically because this blog post is addressing Irish tradition. Stories, such as “The Banshee of the Mac Carthys” by T. Crofton Croker or “A Legend of Knockmany” by William Carleton, are important to people of Irish decent. Our wind chimes can be personalized to inscribe a saying from either one of these stories.

We had one fan send in a suggestion. She was going to an Irish family’s house warming party. She brought our Eco Wind Chimes as a gift to protect the house. It had a special engraved message. She also brought a traditional Irish meal. The Irish Jig Dessert, which is a whipped cream pudding loaded with crushed macaroons and doused with Irish whiskey, went over well.

Bringing a blessing and food to an Irish wedding, birth or house warming event will always be appreciated. We have a great assortment of personalized wind chime products.

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