History of Wind Chimes 101

Wind chimes have existed from prehistoric times in many cultures. These beautifully sounding music instruments are known to calm the senses. However, did you know that wind chimes really became popular through an increase in development by the people of east and south Asia, from Bali to Tibet and Japan. Buddhists especially made use of wind chimes and wind bells, attaching them profusely by the hundreds or even thousands to the eaves of temples, shrines, and pagodas.

Wind chimes are more than a decoration. People have used them, as you just read, throughout time to help heal and in ceremonies. We want to know how you use wind chimes? Are they for decoration? To help lower blood pressure? Maybe even to calm your nerves?

Share with us your questions on how wind chimes have been documented throughout history and we will answer them in our next blog.

Eco Wind Chimes

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