Wind Chimes and Flowers


Wind chimes go hand-in-hand with gardening. People love placing wind chimes above their gardens for many reasons. There are traditions, memory tributes and decor aspects that justify the use of one (or many) wind chimes in a garden.

Someone asked Eco Wind Chimes, via Twitter, which flowers go best with what wind chimes. There is no definitive answer. Eco Wind Chimes has products that go with any type of flower. And, you can make homemade wind chimes to go with any type, color or breed of flower. Silver always reflects beautifully off of sunlight. Black is a bold piece of art and red wind chimes look great with red or white roses. It really is up to you to mix and match flower colors and wind chimes.

We’ve put together some basic gardening decor steps to help you design your flower bed and wind chime gardens.

#1. Incorporate several types of blooms, including long-living perennials, short-term but beautiful annuals, seasonal bulbs, ornamental grasses, and vines.

#2. Pick a wind chime material that accents your existing decor. Have wooden barrels and wheels? Try using bamboo wind chimes? Have plaster animals or accents? Metal chimes look great with them. Mix and match materials until you reach your desired look.

#3. Start small and grow bigger. Yes, small flower beds and wind chimes can give you an idea of what you like and dislike. Then you can “go big” once you know what works and what doesn’t.

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