Celebrating World Environment Day with Wind Chimes!

Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day. We here at Eco Wind Chimes love to celebrate this day. Why? Well, taking care of the environment is part of our global mission. We use products designed to last a long time, if not forever, so materials don’t end up in the trash. And, should they end up there- they are recyclable.

To help celebrate World Environment Day we suggest you take a look at these official videos; http://www.unep.org/wed/infomaterials/videos/ .

Tips of recycling:
1. Always by rechargeable batteries
2. Don’t throw broken electronics (or unwanted items) in the trash. Call your local garbage company and ask them if there is a way to recycle the items. There usually is.
3. Donate old sheets, towels and clothing to your local women and children shelter.
4. Donate old blankets to your local animal shelter.
5. Create a compost effort. Even if you live in an apartment there are clever ways to make this happen. Just Google it!

We hope you celebrate the environment everyday. And, know that being our customer is just one way you help to contribute to a healthier planet.

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