Summer Relaxation Tips

Believe it or not, there are going to be times this summer when you can’t sit outside and simply enjoy the peaceful sounds of your Eco Wind Chimes. When these scenarios come up, don’t worry. We put together some tips to help you relax this summer when apart from your wind chimes.

#1. Ride a bike. Yes, ride a bike for relaxation this summer versus taking part in competitive water sports. Riding a bike is a provocative way to get your creative juices flowing while still remaining in a zen state.

#2. If you are headed to the beach bring a terry cloth pillowcase for your couch pillows. This will help you relax and you can remove the cases, sand and all, before placing the pillows back on your couch.

#3. Make your own relaxation mist. Yes, you can carry this everywhere with you this summer. Spray it during times of stress or when you just want a quick refresh between activities.

Here is our favorite homemade relaxation mist recipe.

Essential Oils Needed:
1 drop eucalyptus
2 drops geranium
1 drop frankincense
3 drops lavender

1. Fill a clean, dry mini spray bottle with 4 ounces of pure distilled water.
2. Using a dropper, carefully put the selected blend of essential oils directly into the spray bottle.
3. Tightly close the bottle and shake vigorously to combine. Be sure to shake it before each use, as the water and essential oils tend to separate.

Apply as needed.
Note: If you have high-blood pressure, or any other medical condition, consult with your doctor before making and/or applying this spray.

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