Relieve Anxiety With Wind Chimes & Oil!

One of the major reasons people purchase wind chimes is to help them relieve anxiety. While the wind chimes alone are often enough to help someone destress, there are times when more is needed. Medication, while often needed, can be addictive and comes with a wealth of side effects. So, what are some alternative ways to cure yourself of anxiety? Below is our suggested essential oil and wind chime remedy for anxiety. As always, check with your physician before using this with or without medications. Also, this remedy often works but isn’t a cure-all for anxiety.

Step 1: Place your favorite Eco Wind Chime infront of a slow blowing fan.
Step 2: Darken the room so no sun or light is available.
Step 3: Place one drop of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil in a cool vaporizer with the recommended amount of water required to operate the machine.
Step 4: Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on a bed and listen to the wind chimes while you allow the vaporize to place the cool mist and the essential oils into the air. If you don’t fall asleep, allow yourself to practice this for thirty minuets.

Where can I buy this type of essential oil. Many places carry it. A simple Google search will yield tons of results.

Does it have to be Roman Chamomile Essential Oil? We suggest yes. The reason is this specific oil is used for restlessness, depression and insomnia. It also helps to calm anxiety. Again, speak with your doctor before using this oil because it can interact with certain medications and over-the-counter products.


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