Music Meditation & The Use of Wind Chimes

Music meditation is the deliberate practice of calming your mind through focusing on music. Wind chimes play a major part in wind chime meditation. Music meditation has been around for decades. Currently it is referred to as “New Age Music” but you can find roots in both the Christian and Catholic religion.

How to use wind chimes for music meditation.

1. Place your wind chimes in a room dedicated specifically for relaxation. Have limited furniture and decor in this room.
2. Sit upon a comfortable mat.
3. Place a fan, on low, in front or blowing upon the wind chimes.
4. Focus on the sound of the wind chimes. Engage and identify with the sound until you are at one with the sound of the chimes and nothing else can interfere with your connection.

Meditation alone can help you relax, distress and heal you body. Adding the element of music can lower your blood pressure and correct breathing issues.

Lavender and Wind Chimes!

Wind Chimes in a garden are an amazing energy source. The musical tones can relax the senses and re-inspire the senses. Recent studies have shown that smelling Lavender can improve your energy, too.

eco wind chimes

Gardeners have a great opportunity here. Placing wind chimes around Lavender can drastically increase your mood and productivity. The scent and sound combo is turning out to be a great combo.

So, what other herbs can compliment your wind chimes and gardens?

Basil. Why? it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, as well as being a good source of magnesium and antioxidants. Medicinally, it is used to treat constipation, indigestion, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Also, try planting Dill. As you pick it, and listen to your wind chimes, know there are benefits. Dill contains calcium and iron, and the oils in the plant may help to neutralize carcinogens, which are substances that have been shown to cause cancer. Dill also has a number of beneficial healing properties for the digestive system and has been used since ancient times to treat heartburn and diarrhea.

Wind chimes are amazing in any outdoor setting, but especially in herb and Lavender gardens.

Several Wind Chimes Can Be An Amazing Garden Accent

Wind chimes are everywhere these days. The beach, modern homes, businesses and more. But, did you know that gardeners use various wind chimes to create accents! Wind chimes come in many sizes, shapes and composed from a variety of materials.

Gardeners can use different types of wind chimes to compliment their vast array of flowers, plants and even herbs. How? Well, the color your chose can bring out the color in a flowerbed. Bronze wind chimes look amazing in a garden of orange roses. Silver wind chimes look beautiful against an herb garden. Black wind chimes offset rows and rows of green plants!

So, get creative. Use wind chimes like paint and flowers and plants like paper!

Wind Chime Traditions

Are you familiar with the many traditions that surround wind chimes? From China and Poland to New York and California, there is a wide-ranging set of traditions that encompass wind chime products.

In several Chinese traditions wind chimes bring good luck, especially if they are red.
In Ireland wind chimes are placed in front of a back door to keep evil from sneaking in.
Californians often give wind chimes as a lucky house warming giving, the location of where they are hung doesn’t matter.

There are so many options and traditions for wind chimes! Let’s share traditions on this blog. I’m interested in reading about some not-so-common traditions!

Is your wind chime a ghost magnet?

Eco Wind Chimes has chimed in on the ghost debate. Recently, our media accounts have been swamped with questions and comments surrounding if a ghost is chased away or attracted to a home with a wind chime. The Eco Wind Chimes’ brand is known-for developing soothing spirituality that is amplified by the use of our wind chimes.

Now, we want your thoughts? Maybe even photo or video proof that ghosts are leaving or entering your home as a result of a wind chime placed near your door. Send us in your traditions, cultural beliefs and more. Your story may be featured on our blog and social media accounts.

A Wind Chime Garden!

Many gardeners love wind chimes because it adds a depth to the landscape’s atmosphere. But, did you know that wind chimes are also used in gardens to ward off evil? It is true!

Many people believe that a wind chime in front of a doorway blocks evil from entering a house. There are legends that wind chimes placed in a garden also promote life, health and attract good spirits.

People have gone so far as to make their entire garden area a bouquet of different wind chimes, opposed to different plant and/or flower beds. Are you one of these people? We here at Eco Wind Chimes think this is a great idea, especially if you don’t have a place to garden.

People who live in apartments can easily host a wind chime garden. An assortment of wind chimes can be “planted” on balconies or patios. Different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials will provide the variety in sound and shape- much like a real garden. And, who knows… maybe ward off evil from entering the home!

No matter what your beliefs are, there is no doubt that wind chimes promote a positive outlook. We offer several sizes, shapes and tones and free shipping on certain purchases. More here:

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Feng Shui and Wind Chimes!

Feng Shui and Wind Chimes go hand-in-hand. Wind chimes are part of healing and can also promote one’s life goals. For example, metal wind chimes placed in the southeast region of a property specially helps to promote fame and recognition in Feng Shui!

In general, for simple healing and calming purposes, wind chimes should be placed in the following regions:
Metal: Place in the west, NW, and north.
Wood/Bamboo: Place in the east, SE, and South
Ceramic/Glass: Place in the NE or SW

Again, for specific purposes the rules above may change. Rod numbers in wind chimes can vary, too. Certain numbers of rods, combined with the wind chimes’ material, can create luck, health, wealth and more!

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First Post

MOTSWindchimesWe are just now setting up the tuned wind chimes blog and this in our first post. The image is of Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes. They are an American company and make wonderful sounding tuned wind chimes.
As the owner of Ecology Shops Inc. I have done business with Music of the Spheres for almost 10 years. I have visited their facility in Austin Texas, where the chimes are made. Not only are they great people, they make amazing chimes.
With 53 wind chimes, the image to the left is just a small sample of what they make.