Feng Shui Wind Chime Cures

Feng Shui is a great practice that allows you to turn negative energy into positive energy by using the right materials (positioned correctly) inside and outside of your home. Wind chimes play a major role in Feng Shui. They can be used indoors or outdoors to create peace and harmony. But, did you know wind chimes in Feng Shui can also act as a cure?

Curing negativity within your work life can be accomplished by placing a metal wind chime in the SW corner of the living room of your home. The metal wind chime should have four or six chimes on it and the color should be anything but black or yellow.

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Dr. Katy’s Guest Blog

The Pet Show with Dr Katy

In October of 2010, I went to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria to pick up a little dog that was up for adoption to take him on a live television segment. He was a 12.5 year old Schnauzer mix named Stanley that had lived with his family his whole life, but when the parents decided to get a divorce, they dropped him off at the shelter and never looked back. Stanley had been at the shelter for months already, and his spirit was starting to deteriorate. But when he and I locked eyes the first time, I knew that he would somehow change my life.

That day, as I brought him on air, you can see that I immediately started saying that I wasn’t sure if I would allow anyone else to bring him home.
And I didn’t. Within 48 hours, Stanley was back in my car, headed home with me. For most dogs, especially older ones, the transition into a new home takes a while. For Stanley, and my dog Papi, however, the transition took about 5 minutes of sniffing each other and taking the tour. After that, they were fast friends.

Stanley was funny. He was sweet. He was loving. And he was a treasure. He never did anything naughty while he lived with us. It was as if he thought that he needed to behave or we might drop him off at the shelter as his previous family had done. But we wouldn’t have given Stanley up without a fight. He was ours, and we loved him deeply.

He lived a life that he would’ve never expected. Within days of living with us, he was in a photo shoot. Within months, he was on a runway with a fashion icon, strutting his stuff in front of 2,000 animal lovers. He frequently accompanied me on television, and was always the ultimate gentleman. But mostly, Stanley was in my lap or at my feet. Quiet, loving, and appreciative of every bit of attention he received.

But one late Spring day in May of 2012, Stanley’s stomach became upset, so I decided that I’d take him to my animal hospital after my kids were asleep. So, around 7pm on May 14, 2012, I put him in my car and took him to the hospital. I drew blood on him, put an IV catheter in him, and ordered some additional tests. Then, for just a few extra moments, I just stood and kissed him, petted him, and loved on him. And when my technician picked him up to put him in his cage to wait for his test results, he died.

Literally, at that moment, his heart just stopped. And it never beat again, despite all of our best lifesaving attempts. And my heart shattered. My family was completely devastated. I mourned for months, and still to this day, have a difficult time talking about him without choking up. He was the gentlest soul I’ve ever had the privilege to encounter and his absence in our household was palpable.

Then one day, in December of 2012, I received a package in the mail from Ecology Shops. Inside, I found one of the most touching and thoughtful gifts that I have ever received. My Grace Notes windchime was engraved with “In Loving Memory of Stanley” on the front, and a personalized quote on the back. It read “I was blessed to spend a year and a half loving, laughing and snuggling with this little dog.”

It was so surprising to me to open this package and find this, so I immediately grabbed my phone, set it up and recorded a short video to send to the people at Ecology Shops, thanking them for the beautiful gift and telling them how much it meant to me. Memorial Gift Video

I have my windchime proudly hung on my front porch where it catches the gentle breezes almost every morning. My son says every time that it chimes that that means Stanley is thinking of us. I choose to believe this is true, too. And every time I hear the sweet sound of this beautiful gift, I smile. And my heart heals just a little bit more.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, beautiful gift that will touch the recipient’s heart, look no further. I can not recommend the Grace Notes windchimes highly enough.

Dr. Katy Nelson

Wind Chimes and Flowers


Wind chimes go hand-in-hand with gardening. People love placing wind chimes above their gardens for many reasons. There are traditions, memory tributes and decor aspects that justify the use of one (or many) wind chimes in a garden.

Someone asked Eco Wind Chimes, via Twitter, which flowers go best with what wind chimes. There is no definitive answer. Eco Wind Chimes has products that go with any type of flower. And, you can make homemade wind chimes to go with any type, color or breed of flower. Silver always reflects beautifully off of sunlight. Black is a bold piece of art and red wind chimes look great with red or white roses. It really is up to you to mix and match flower colors and wind chimes.

We’ve put together some basic gardening decor steps to help you design your flower bed and wind chime gardens.

#1. Incorporate several types of blooms, including long-living perennials, short-term but beautiful annuals, seasonal bulbs, ornamental grasses, and vines.

#2. Pick a wind chime material that accents your existing decor. Have wooden barrels and wheels? Try using bamboo wind chimes? Have plaster animals or accents? Metal chimes look great with them. Mix and match materials until you reach your desired look.

#3. Start small and grow bigger. Yes, small flower beds and wind chimes can give you an idea of what you like and dislike. Then you can “go big” once you know what works and what doesn’t.

Wind Chimes and Paranormal Activity


Many people use wind chimes for relaxation purposes. Some even use the wind chimes as a memorial tribute for loved ones who have passed. But, did you know that wind chimes are becoming more and more of a tool when detecting paranormal activity? It’s true.

Many psychics are using wind chimes as a way to connect with the energy of ghosts. A well-known psychic said she puts wind chimes in the homes of people who suspect they have ghosts. She places the wind chime in a “high traffic area” that is monitored with a security camera. The thought is the ghosts can make the chimes move, which can also be caught on camera. If the wind chimes move, the sound alerts the home owners that the ghost is active and really there. Remember, this only works when placing the wind chimes inside the house.

So you see, wind chimes can serve many purposes. We love them because they are a beautiful piece of decor that offers calming noise.

History of Wind Chimes 101

Wind chimes have existed from prehistoric times in many cultures. These beautifully sounding music instruments are known to calm the senses. However, did you know that wind chimes really became popular through an increase in development by the people of east and south Asia, from Bali to Tibet and Japan. Buddhists especially made use of wind chimes and wind bells, attaching them profusely by the hundreds or even thousands to the eaves of temples, shrines, and pagodas.

Wind chimes are more than a decoration. People have used them, as you just read, throughout time to help heal and in ceremonies. We want to know how you use wind chimes? Are they for decoration? To help lower blood pressure? Maybe even to calm your nerves?

Share with us your questions on how wind chimes have been documented throughout history and we will answer them in our next blog.

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Wind Chimes Reverse Negative Energy.

Wind Chimes have been used by the Chinese for hundreds of years. This culture believes that wind chimes can change negative energy into positive energy based on the type of wind chime and where it is placed.

Wind chimes can reduce stress, promote healing and cause people to become more creative. But, did you know metal wind chimes placed in front of a large window will welcome prosperity and inner harmony? It is true!

In addition, the Chinese believe wooden wind chimes placed outside a home (and under the stars) can turn negative energy into positive energy, healing both the home and the occupants from a case of “bad luck.”

There are many different traditions around the world when it comes to using and the placement of wind chimes. We would love to read your family’s own traditions. Please post a comment!


Make A Wind Chime- Recycle a Wine Bottle

We love our customers. We love selling wind chimes. But, we love recycling more. If you have several wine bottles lying around- why not recycle them into wind chimes? Here is how.
** Special thanks to Dana Goolsby who placed this idea on her website after inheriting hundreds of old wine bottles.

First, know what you need. To do this project you will need the following items;

* 4-5 wine bottles

* Ball of yarn

* Fingernail polish remover

* Lighter

* Cold water

* Masking tape

* Glass drill bit

* Drill

* 3-4 medium size washers

* Durable string

* Safety goggles

* Painting respirator mask

* Gloves

Start by filling the kitchen sink with cold tap water. Fill it almost to the top.
Set aside the fingernail polish remover into a small container on the side.
Cut four feet of string.
Wrap the string around the wine bottle tightly. Place the string where you want to cut the bottle.
Cut the rest of the string away from the bottle.
Slide the string that is around the bottle off it- still keeping its form. Place the ring of string in the nailpolish remover.
After you have submerged the string, place it back around the bottle where you want to cut it.

After you have secured the yarn where you would like to cut the bottle, hold the bottle over the sink filled with cold water and light the string with a lighter. Hold the bottle at about a 60 degree angle, in order to ensure that heat is sufficiently trapped in the bottom of the bottle.

Rotate the bottle slowly in order to burn the yarn evenly. This usually takes about a minute or so. The yarn will not turn black and burn off. If the flame on the yarn burns out, re-light it and continue to burn it again until it extinguishes itself again.

Once the flame is out on the yarn, plunge the bottle into the cold water. You will be able to hear the bottle slicing in two, and then you will hear a “pop” as the halves separate.

Cut the rest of your wine bottles using this method. You will need to cut off the bottom of at least one bottle for the bottom piece of the wind chime. We recommend cutting the bottom off approximately one inch above the base.

Now that you have cut all of your wine bottles, before you begin stringing your wind chime together you should sand down the edges. Sanding the edges will make stringing the bottles together much safer. If you are making the wind chime for a gift, you want to ensure that no one gets cut by the glass. We used a dremel tool for maximum control.

Be sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and a painting respiratory mask. You do not want to breath in the dust from the glass, or risk cutting yourself or getting a piece of glass in your eye.

After you have made your bottles safe to work with, drill a hole in the wine bottle bottom with your glass drill bit and drill. This piece will be the hanging piece that catches wind and causes the wine bottles up to clink together.

Place a small piece of masking tape over the desired entry point on the side. The masking tape will help the drill bit not to slide as you drill. Drilling into glass is not a quick chore and is a sensitive task. Do not put too much pressure on the drill, or you will surely break the glass. This process takes time and patience.

As you are drilling your hole, every so often spray or pour a little water on the area you are drilling. This way the shards of glass will not fly around as easily, and the bottle is less likely to break. The temperature of the drill bit will stay low if you spray water on the bottle frequently. (This is the same procedure used to make a wine bottle lamp. Once you have drilled your hole you can then insert a small strand of lights into the bottle.)

Set all of your sanded bottles aside.

Cut about a 7ft piece of your string. (You may want to cut more or less depending on where you intend to hang your wine bottle wind chime and how many bottles you use. ) Double the string over so that your string is now about 3.5ft long.

Thread one of the loose ends through the hole that you drilled in the wine bottle bottom. Tie both loose ends together. This will be the bottom of your wind chime.

Now tie on a washer about 10 inches from the wine bottle bottom. The washer will hold the bottle in place. Once you have tied your washer on, thread your string through the base of one of the wine bottles, up through the neck.

When the washer catches and there is not more slack in the line, tie another washer about three inches above the mouth of the bottle. Then thread your string through another bottle.

Repeat this process until you have used all of your bottles.

Irish Wind Chime Legends Revealed.

If you have a friend or college who is Irish- we have the best gift idea for him or her. Wind chimes. That’s right, wind chimes. Wind chimes can be given for any reason, but the are perfect as wedding, birth or new home gifts.

I say for the Irish people specifically because this blog post is addressing Irish tradition. Stories, such as “The Banshee of the Mac Carthys” by T. Crofton Croker or “A Legend of Knockmany” by William Carleton, are important to people of Irish decent. Our wind chimes can be personalized to inscribe a saying from either one of these stories.

We had one fan send in a suggestion. She was going to an Irish family’s house warming party. She brought our Eco Wind Chimes as a gift to protect the house. It had a special engraved message. She also brought a traditional Irish meal. The Irish Jig Dessert, which is a whipped cream pudding loaded with crushed macaroons and doused with Irish whiskey, went over well.

Bringing a blessing and food to an Irish wedding, birth or house warming event will always be appreciated. We have a great assortment of personalized wind chime products. www.EcoWindChimes.com

Selecting the Perfect Wind Chime.

How does one go about selecting the perfect wind chime? It really is an art. There are many factors to consider when purchasing the perfect wind chime.

Start with your location. Do you live close to neighbors? What is your outdoor space? If you are close to neighbors then loud wind chimes are now ideal. What about your outdoor space? If you have a tiny balcony then large wind chimes may be overwhelming.

Think about materials too. Bamboo is good and so is metal. Do you live in a heavy rain area? If so, discuss what materials will work best with your climate. Also, do you care if the materials are either made or sourced in America?

What about paint or glass? Do you have small children around and if so, will this be a concern should the wind chimes break?

You see, much thought should be put into the purchase of a wind chime so it compliments your property and blends well with your lifestyle and climate needs!

More available at www.EcoWindChimes.com

Fan Share – Wind Chime Story

Wind Chimes can be many things. Recently we put out a press release about an ongoing social media debate regarding wind chimes and ghosts. Some traditions state that wind chimes attract ghosts. Other traditions state wind chimes remove ghosts from homes.  Well, one fan decided to share this story -which demonstrates wind chimes! Thanks!

In July of 2004, we moved into a gorgeous two story house. It was 120 years old and still standing. Numerous things started happening when we were moving in. We had never heard of any deaths in the house. So we thought that we were just hallucinating so we didn’t think much of it until we started seeing stuff. In the beginning we would just be hearing stuff. But towards the end, we would start seeing stuff.
My little sister was 3 years old and her bedroom was on the second story right by the stairs which was beside my mom’s room. One night she had woke up crying. So my mom rushed in there and asked her what was wrong. So she lifted up the blanket and my mom saw that she had red lipstick all over her legs. But there was not a lipstick bottle insight. She asked her who did it and she said a little girl named Sherry did it. And my mother was like “well who’s Sherry,” and my little sister said “she’s the little girl hiding in my closet.”
She slept in my moms room for the rest of that night. Of course my mom didn’t believe her because all little kids have quite an imagination. As the days passed on she noticed that when she would was in her room she would be talking to someone. She would say various things when nobody was in there. But still she didn’t believe her. When we finally got everything moved in we all felt way more relieved.
The Wind Chimes
One day my mom, my cousin, and his friend were setting in the office looking up stuff on the internet. All the windows were closed and there was no air flowing through the room whatsoever. My mom had just bought new wind chimes. They started to swing wildly and from that moment on there was dead silence in the room. No one knew what was happening. After a minute or so they started talking about what had just happened. They could not believe it. They had no idea how it happened because there was no air circulating at all.
The Basement Door
One late night around 12:00 midnight, my mom had woke up to get a drink. Right before you walk into the kitchen there’s our basement door. My mom had walked past the door and right when she did it the door began to shake. My mom froze in time. She said she was about to pee her pants. Ever since then the whole family was scared of the basement door. I was terrified of the basement.
The Tall Man

One day my mom and step dad got in a fight so my step dad was going to sleep on the couch that night. He fell fast asleep. He woke up around 3:00. He said he had woke up because he had felt someone was watching his every move. When he opened his eyes there was nothing there so he fell back to sleep. But this time he had felt someone breathing on him. So it came to his surprise that someone was breathing on him. He said that it had looked like a tall man. So he got up and ran upstairs to get my mom . But when they came back downstairs they had discovered that the man was gone. My mom is the kinda person who wont believe it til she sees it.

So a couple of weeks later my mom had woke up again to the sound of a bunch of foot steps running down the stairs. She thought it was me and my sister so she got up and looked out her door, but no one was there. She walked into my room and noticed that me and my sisters were sound asleep. So she walked downstairs to see if anyone was down there. Nobody was.
On her way back up the stairs she noticed that in the upstairs living room there was a figure sitting down on the couch. The funny thing about it was that it was the same man my step dad had described to her. So she went over there to sit down because she thought of course that it was her imagination. After a few moments of the figure sitting perfectly still it had turned its head to look at her. She had then noticed that it was not her imagination. She freaked out and jumped up. She said “ok your really starting to freak me out.” But when the figure didn’t move she decided to go down stairs to the office to get her camera. But when she came back up it was gone. So she solemnly went back to bed.

The TV Flipping and Door Bell Rings

It had actually happened quite often that when were sitting down and watching TV it would start to flip channels. The first couple of times it would really freak us out. But then after a while we got use to it. The door bell would often ring very much. But when we had come to open the door, nobody was there. We would also get used to that.

The things that had happened in this house are totally true. I know what your thinking. “Well how do we know that?” Well it came to my moms suspicion to have a psychic come in and take a look at our house. She had said nothing was wrong with it and that we were probably just experiencing the scare of moving into a new home. But when she had reached my little sisters room she said she felt a tingle. And that the tingle was the little girl that my little sister had been trying to tell my mom about. From then on my mom believed my little sister.

A couple of months after we had moved in my mom and dad had some family members come over to visit. They slept in my little sister room. The next morning they woke up and said that they felt like some one had been holding them under water or that someone had been sitting on their chest the whole night. The never slept in that room again.

We moved out of the house a year later due to financial cost. And when we moved into our next house you would never believed what happened. The same stuff was happening!! But this time my mom was in no mood to play around so she had another psychic come to our house. And as soon as the lady walked through the door she said she felt a little girls presence. It was Sherry. She said the girl was completely harmless. So we didn’t worry. But as time progressed and as we started moving more often we started to think that she was following us. But that is something no one will ever know.

Contributed by Kelsey and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales