Legendary Wind Chimes

In Feng Shui, wind chimes are believed to bless your home with prosperity and happiness. Hanging a set by your front door is said to bring ¬†good energy every time the wind blows. But did you know that wind chimes … Continue reading

The Top 3 Stress Management Tips

Stress is a part of everyday life. But, there are a few techniques you can use (besides wind chimes) that can help you reduce stress and live a more relaxed life. 1. Try a magic potion. Ok, it isn’t really … Continue reading

How to Unwind

Many people who buy our Eco Wind Chimes do so to relax. But, there are some techniques to relaxation that you can use in your day-to-day life when the wind chimes aren’t within ear shot of you. Start by reviewing … Continue reading

Color Relaxation

Did you know the colors we wear everyday, see everyday, and decorate our home and office with impact how we feel and what we do in life? It’s true. You see, buying wind chimes is a great start for relaxation, … Continue reading

How to Chant! Eco Wind Chimes Provides Another Relaxation Tip!

Eco Wind Chimes was founded on two principals. The first being to provide American-made and sourced quality products. The second to spread the basic principal that sound is energy and this energy can be very healing. This brings me to … Continue reading

Summer Relaxation Tips

Believe it or not, there are going to be times this summer when you can’t sit outside and simply enjoy the peaceful sounds of your Eco Wind Chimes. When these scenarios come up, don’t worry. We put together some tips … Continue reading