Different placements for your wind chimes.

Traditionally, we consider putting wind chimes outside. There are many different ways to utilize windchimes, just like there are many different rooms in place when chimes to feature their beauty. Some people like to place their windchimes in the bathroom … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Tossed to the Wind.

Have you ever received a terrible Valentine’s Day gift? Think about this…. There you are, sitting with your loved one and you can’t wait to open up his or her gift.  Without fail, the gift that is supposed to represent … Continue reading

Eco Wind Chimes Says Relax With A Bath!

Ok, we here at Eco Wind Chimes normally want you to be outside enjoying our wind chimes. But, there are ways to relax at home and in the bathtub. Now, some people do hang wind chimes on their shower curtains- this … Continue reading

Halloween Wind Chimes Make Great “Spooky” Decorations.

EcoWindChimes.com is selling a Bass Japanese Wind Chime with a “spooky” tone. EcoWindChimes.com specializes in selling affordable wind chimes online that are American-made and sourced. The company is offering its Bass Japanese Wind Chime to Halloween enthusiasts this year. The … Continue reading

Energy Healing and Wind Chimes

http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Medium-Chakra-Wind-Chime-p/9mcha.htm Wind chimes can be used in energy healing seminars. We here at Eco Wind Chimes are often asked about relaxation and energy healing techniques.  So, we decided to blog a little about one popular way to heal energy using wind … Continue reading

Deep Breathing Techniques

Many people purchase wind chimes because they want to feel relaxed. Eco Wind Chimes’ goal is to provide quality wind chimes. But this isn’t our only goal. We love to help people relax, as you can tell with the posts … Continue reading

Relieve Anxiety With Wind Chimes & Oil!

One of the major reasons people purchase wind chimes is to help them relieve anxiety. While the wind chimes alone are often enough to help someone destress, there are times when more is needed. Medication, while often needed, can be … Continue reading