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A Wind Chime Garden!

Many gardeners love wind chimes because it adds a depth to the landscape’s atmosphere. But, did you know that wind chimes are also used in gardens to ward off evil? It is true!

Many people believe that a wind chime in front of a doorway blocks evil from entering a house. There are legends that wind chimes placed in a garden also promote life, health and attract good spirits.

People have gone so far as to make their entire garden area a bouquet of different wind chimes, opposed to different plant and/or flower beds. Are you one of these people? We here at Eco Wind Chimes think this is a great idea, especially if you don’t have a place to garden.

People who live in apartments can easily host a wind chime garden. An assortment of wind chimes can be “planted” on balconies or patios. Different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials will provide the variety in sound and shape- much like a real garden. And, who knows… maybe ward off evil from entering the home!

No matter what your beliefs are, there is no doubt that wind chimes promote a positive outlook. We offer several sizes, shapes and tones and free shipping on certain purchases. More here: ecowindchimes.com

Have questions on starting a wind chime garden? Send them in or follow us on Twitter!


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