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Eco Wind Chimes Offering Free Shipping for Easter 2014!


Eco Wind Chimes is based in Texas but sells all of its products as an online business. The company sells two primary lines of American-made and sourced wind chimes. Additionally, the company sells plaque slates that can be used in a garden or hung on a wall. Not only are all of Eco Wind Chimes’ products made and sourced in the USA, the company will engrave any and all of its products with a special message.

“Easter is a month away from today. There is plenty of time to order the perfect gift for your family members. We are offering the free shipping on orders exceeding $150 dollars to allow someone to order multiple products if they have a large family and/or friends network,” said Stephen Betzen of Eco Wind Chimes. “We also provide engraving services that are affordable. Veterans always receive free engraving services, too!”

Eco Wind Chimes has a variety of spring-like colored wind chimes as well as other chimes that offer a more subtle appearance.  Customers may shop at EcoWindChimes.com by sound, size, brand or price. Eco Wind Chimes sells Music of the Spheres and Grace Notes wind chime products at affordable prices. All the wind chimes sold on the company’s website are designed to withstand weather and last for years.


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