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Lavender and Wind Chimes!

Wind Chimes in a garden are an amazing energy source. The musical tones can relax the senses and re-inspire the senses. Recent studies have shown that smelling Lavender can improve your energy, too.

eco wind chimes

Gardeners have a great opportunity here. Placing wind chimes around Lavender can drastically increase your mood and productivity. The scent and sound combo is turning out to be a great combo.

So, what other herbs can compliment your wind chimes and gardens?

Basil. Why? it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, as well as being a good source of magnesium and antioxidants. Medicinally, it is used to treat constipation, indigestion, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Also, try planting Dill. As you pick it, and listen to your wind chimes, know there are benefits. Dill contains calcium and iron, and the oils in the plant may help to neutralize carcinogens, which are substances that have been shown to cause cancer. Dill also has a number of beneficial healing properties for the digestive system and has been used since ancient times to treat heartburn and diarrhea.

Wind chimes are amazing in any outdoor setting, but especially in herb and Lavender gardens.


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