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Relaxing Bubble Bath for Moms!

Mother’s Day is coming up.  While we here at EcoWindChimes.com know you have already ordered Mom a great wind chime for Mother’s Day 2014, we wanted to use today’s blog to share how to prepare a relaxing bath when you can’t be near your wind chimes.

  1. Add Lavender to your bath. It smells wonderful and has a natural calming effect.
  2. Have soft towels available. Don’t buy cheap towels that are not comforting when you step out of a bath. The fabric makes a huge difference.
  3. Use an inflatable bath pillow when in the bath for ultimate comfort.
  4. Sit in the bathtub with a plastic glass of wine or a non-alcoholic smoothie. Even if you don’t drink it, the drink near the tub adds a luxury feeling to the experience, which is calming in itself.
  5.  Make sure you apply salt facial during your bath. This simply is taking a little bit of salt and making a paste with the bath water in the palm of your hand. Scrub your face, not near your eyes, for a skin peeling and relaxing in-bath facial.

These tips will help you create a great and relaxing bath experience. Print this blog and share them with mom this Mother’s Day.



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