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Wind Chimes for Wealth!

There are many cultures who believe wind chimes can deliver wealth. While we do not sell specific wind chimes meant to carry money, any of our wind chimes will work for this ceremonial process.

You see, we here at EcoWindChimes.com not only believe in trusting the traditions of past years. To help you identify how to use wind chimes to increase positive energy, leading an influx of money, keep reading.

First, the quality of the wind chime is very important.  Expensive wind chimes are often better cared for and establish a wealth standard, regardless if one exists or not.  Once you have your wind chimes hang them in the west, northwest and north sections of the home.  Yes, inside the home. Money wind chimes should always be in the home regardless of what type, brand or color wind chime you buy. Hanging a wind chime in the home creates positive energy, peace and a sense of wealth!

TIP: north-facing windows usually receive less light and these rooms can be dark and dreary.  If possible, try to use metal wind chimes for this process because they are effective in enhancing careers, creativity and the welfare of children. Don’t have metal wind chimes? Don’t panic, say a blessing over the wind chimes and all will be good.

EcoWindChimes.com is promising you will hit the lottery once you hang wind chimes in your home. However, we will say your positive energy increases upon doing so and from there so does everything else in your life.

Stephen Betze, EcoWindChimes.com 


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