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Father’s Day 2014 Wind Chimes


Father’s Day is coming up shortly in June. Sure, we just settled down with Mother’s Day and here is another holiday.  While we hope everyone returns to our online store (EcoWindChimes.com) to purchase dad a wind chime, we know some children will want to make their own gift for dad. Well, if this is the case know that you can still make wind chimes!

One of our favorite wind chimes to make is the pencil wind chimes.  One of our customer’s father is an avid pencil biter. Well, she collected pencils from around the house without his knowledge. Pencils he had bitten. She took some wire and lopped it around each pencil, and creatively hung the wire against a wooden plaque that read “Dad.” He loved it!  This was truly a wind chime that reflected dad’s personality!

There are so many YouTube videos dedicated to creating and making your own wind chimes. I highly encourage you to perform a search on YouTube to discover what type of DIY wind chime will work perfect for you this up and coming Father’s Day.

Remember, if you are not into DIY projects- order with us. We are always running specials and a portion of all sales is donated to our Kiva store.

Stephen Betzen of Eco Wind Chimes


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