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Bath Salts 101 by EcoWindChimes.com


We here at EcoWindChimes.com love the thought of relaxation. Positive energy and being calm and quiet is exactly what we are all about.

One way you can relax, however, without wind chimes is in a nice warm bath with great smelling bath salts.  We are all about providing free, eco-friendly DIY projects on our blog, which is why we are using today’s post to help our fans and customers develop and relax in their own bath salt creations.

The most relaxing and beneficial to the skin recipe we have is our Oatmeal Lavender bath salts. To make, you simply have to mix a combination of the soothing natural (not instant) oatmeal (about a two cups) with 2 cups of Epsom salt and a drop of lavender essential oil. Now, if you don’t like lavender you can certainly use whatever scent you like.

Not a fan of oatmeal baths? It’s OK.  You can use the same combination of ingredients minus the oatmeal.  Oatmeal soothes the skin and helps with dry skin but isn’t needed to make bath salts. Regardless if you do or do not use the oatmeal, place three to four tablespoons of the bath salts under hot bathwater (about half way full) and then let the bath finish filling.  Don’t get into the bathtub until it is full with water and the salts have partially dissolved.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen with EcoWindChimes


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