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Recycling Tips via EcoWindChimes.com

Most people know our American-made wind chimes are also sourced in the USA. They are designed to last a lifetime and made out of products that can be recycled.  Preserving the environment is extremely important to the company.  It is our job to take care of the planet and be responsible with any endeavors we’re charged with, from owning a business and creating earth-friendly products to ensuring coffee cups are tossed in the recycling bin when we’re done with our morning beverages.

It occurred to us that not everyone is aware of the top three things to recycle, which is why we here at EcoWindChimes.com are listing them below.

  1. All Office Depot, Staples, and Best Buy stores accept larger electronics like desktop computers for recycling for a small fee and smaller ones like cell phones and PDAs for free. Goodwill stores accept used computer equipment (some locations also accept televisions) for free. They will help you recycle or resell the products.  The Environment Protection Agency says recycling a single computer saves 1.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. So, instead of chucking your old electronics to make room for your upgrades, recycle them or give them to Goodwill to resell them. ** Your donation to Goodwill IS tax deductible.
  2. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they contain a small amount of mercury and shouldn’t be thrown in the trash. CFLs in landfills can break and release mercury, a neurotoxin, into the environment. Don’t toss the bulbs, however, into the glass recycling bin. Instead, drop them off at Home Depot- they have a program to accept these bulbs.
  3. Plastic bags. If you  are not using the mesh reuseable shopping bags by now, at least recycle your plastic bags. Many grocery stores are offering recycling bins rights at the front of the store. So, unload your groceries and reload the used bags into your car. This makes it easier to bring them back for recycling on your next trip! Plastic bags are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, and when thrown away they take a very long time to decompose. Recyclers will turn them into new products like plastic lumber.

Happy Recycling!



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