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The Worst Places to Place A Wind Chime!

I often write this blog with advice on how to relax or where to place wind chimes. I received a question this week about where not to place a wind chime. This is interesting because I often don’t focus on what not to do. This said, today’s blog post is dedicated to places in your home that shouldn’t be decorated with a wind chime.

  1. The southeast corner of the kitchen. Some cultures believe the southeast corner of a kitchen is a sacred space and should only be reserved for spices and salt. They also believe placing anything, including a wind chime, in this corner will result in the loss of something important.
  2. The hallway. It is an odd location for a wind chime, but the Ukrainians believe the placement of a wind chime in a hallway means instability within the home. Nothing will ever come together quite right in the home where a wind chime can be found in the hall way.
  3. Over still water. Yes, if you have an outdoor pond that is primarily still (no fish, no wind, etc.) then a wind chime shouldn’t be placed over it as it can be considered an omen of death. It is OK to place a wind chime over moving water, but make sure they are never hung above still water.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com


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