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Popsicle Stick Wind Chimes.


The summer is upon us. We here at EcoWindChimes.com want to share an amazing and fun summer craft that involves wind chimes and Popsicle sticks.  This activity is good for ages 5 and up.

Here is what you need.

Popsicle sticks





Stickers, glitter and paint is all option.


Prepare 10 Popsicle sticks. Put a line of glue on the back of five sticks. Sandwich a piece of string

between a glued stick and an unglued stick; clip them with clothespins to hold the glue securely. Let dry.

Run glue along an unpainted craft stick, lay it horizontally and stick on the five strings as shown (don’t let

the sticks hang too low or they’ll tangle in the wind). Top with another unpainted stick and add

clothespins to hold the glue securely. Once dry, tie the strings together and cut off the excess.

Hang outdoors and let the wind do its work.

(Optional: Once dried, decorate the popsicles sticks with paint, glitter and stickers.)



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