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The Who, What, Where and Why Behind Wind Chimes

There are many reasons why people hang wind chimes. Sailors use them to help detect weather patterns. Spiritual types use them to fend off evil spirits or to bring good luck. Gardeners love them as décor and to also scare away unwanted rodents. Regardless of the reason why, there is no doubt wind chimes are more popular than ever!
Wind chimes use different tones and vibrations designed to calm the mind and soothe the nerves. Think of wind chimes as a way to disengage from the stress of the real world. Feng Shui also uses wind chimes for numerous treatments, believing that the relaxing sounds created by wind chimes could heal and restore the soul. Metal and wood based wind chimes are the most desired wind chimes around. In Feng Shui the amount of rods on a wind chime can predict good fortune or bring good health.

Here at EcoWindCHimes.com, we suggest selecting a wind chime based on the tone, the materials used and where you want to place them and for what purpose. Setting up your wind chimes is sort of simple, regardless of the location you choose. If you plan to hang your wind chimes from your outdoor patio, you will need to use a basic set of C formed hooks that can screw into the ceiling. Any type of hook can be used and there are various selections at your local hardware store. The main concern is to make certain it is strong enough to help your set of wind chimes. If you have large wind chimes (100lb or more), and many people do, you may have to bring in a professional handyman or woman to help you place the wind chimes.
So, wind chimes have lots of purposes and are made from a variety of different materials.

You can place them anywhere indoors or outdoors that you like- just remember, if you are going by Feng Shui practices then the placement and the number of wind chime rods does matter.

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