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The Delta Breeze is Today; July 17, 2014

Wind chime enthusiasts are in love with today. Why? Well, meteorologists have confirmed a strong breeze in the San Francisco area. One local newspaper wrote, “Feel that breeze? That’s the sensation that comes with cooling in the Sacramento region. The National Weather Service is calling for a high of just 87 degrees on Thursday in Sacramento, which is about a half dozen degrees below normal for mid-July. The Delta breeze was pushing into the Central Valley via the Carquinez Strait. At 5 a.m. Thursday many valley temperatures were running 5 to 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours earlier.”

The reason this is big news in the wind chime community, especially for us here at EcoWindChimes.com, is the constant breeze will allow wind chimes to chime continuously throughout the day. If wind is too strong, chimes can clank and sound a bit unpleasant. Without any wind the chimes can be a beautiful décor piece but offer no calming noise to the mind. A light breeze is always appreciated by wind chime lovers, but a continued breeze is something magical!

We are requesting all people who live in the area to send us photos or video of their wind chimes reacting to this magnificent Delta Breeze.




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