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Wind chimes and superstitions.

We here at EcoWindChimes.com often read letters from our customers. One customer’s letter mentioned the various wind chime superstitions that exist to this day. While we read a lot about luck and wind chimes or ghosts and wind chimes, the superstition topic had us intrigued. After a little digging, here is what we found out when it comes to wind chimes, certain cultures and superstitions;

#1. It’s believed (in Ireland anyway) that wind chimes scare the demons away from your door and they can’t enter your home and cause bad things to happen.

#2. If you hang wind chimes in your bathroom (according to the French), you welcome evil spirits into your home and your mouth and actions will be filled with unclean motives.

#3. If a wind chime rings after 4pm on a Sunday (thanks Italy), then someone in the home will become ill or engaged.  We couldn’t find what deciphers the illness from the marriage proposal, so I guess it is a tossup in Italy if you hear the chimes after 4pm on a Sunday!

#4. In England, if you put wind chimes in the home, you are hopeful a baby will be on the way for yourself or your children.  No evidence on if this works or not, but the English swear it helps with issues of fertility.

#5. Hanging wind chimes in an old barn will draw ghosts to the farm and your crops will prosper. Again, there is no evidence as to if this is true or explanation as to why the presence of ghosts will  cause crops to prosper- but the superstition exists.

We hope you enjoyed these superstitions as much as us here at EcoWindChimes.com.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen, Owner



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