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Grieving and wind chimes.

Many people who buy products on EcoWindChimes.com are doing so in memoriam of a family member or friend. We have engravable wind chimes, which are often decorated with a passed loved one’s name and dates of birth and expiration. These wind chimes are beautiful tributes to departed one’s soul.

We recently received a question on how to use wind chimes as part of the grieving and healing process. While there is no wrong way to have wind chimes be an instrumental part of your own process, we were able to research some unique techniques and suggestions.

First,  place the wind chimes outside a room you are often in. The point to using wind chimes for healing therapy is to see and hear them often. If you place them on your back patio but spend most of the time in the front of your home- then your process is going to be counterproductive.  Make sure your wind chimes are bout visible and audible from the room in the home where you spend the most time.

Second, light a sandalwood candle or incense to promote the departed spirit’s energy from returning. If you can conjure his or her energy, it is believed that the departed will ring the chime to make you aware of their presence. It is at this time that you can speak your truth, or speak to his or her spirit, and allow unsaid business to be settled and to provoke the start of your healing.

Finally, you want to move the wind chimes out of the house on the anniversary of his or her death. Even if you move them out of the house, or away from their normal outside area, for a day- you are allowing the wind chime to recreate the change of location (life to death symbolically) and acknowledging to yourself – and the spirit- that transition is ok and a part of life.

We truly help these pointers promote healing with the use of our wind chimes.

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com


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