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Are Wind Chimes Evil?

I was doing a little history homework on wind chimes and came across something interesting. Did you know at one point in China’s history that wind chimes were considered a tool for those who dabbled in the sinister arts?

In South East Asia remains of wind chimes made from bone, wood, bamboo and shells were found about 3000 BC. Chimes were thought to ward off evil spirits. 7,000 years later, the ward off part went away and many people used wind chimes to warn of weather issues or as a way to lure the pure of heart to a house of horrors.

While we know in modern times that wind chimes have nothing to do with evil practices, the Asians didn’t believe this back then. In fact, they would use wind chimes, in place of candles, to start ceremonies or séances!

The ironic part of the history of wind chimes is how the played a role in many religious ceremonies. And, in addition to religious ceremonies throughout the world, highly skilled metal workers created the forefather of the wind chime, a clapper-less bell called yong-zhong, which was used as an accompaniment for religious ceremonies in- where else- Asia! Isn’t history funny?

Today, wind chimes are still said to ward off evil spirits. They aren’t used in religious ceremonies as much as years’ past and, according to research, are hardly ever used in black magic practices. So, the next time you are hanging up one of EcoWIndChimes.com’s products, think about history. That wind chime was once feared, embraced, feared again, embraced again, and then become something that soothes the soul both from a decorative standpoint and audio stand point.

Stephen Betzen, EcoWindChimes.com



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