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Popular Wind Chime Cures

Wind chimes can be a holistic cure for many scenarios within the home. This got us to thinking about other holistic and feng shui cures available for the home – or any type of space. Here we go;

First, wind chimes . Brass and copper wind chimes promote moving energy, perfect for placement in the front door of your home office.  If you feel an energy block anywhere in your home, hand a wind chime outside the entrance’s door frame.

Second, according to AboutHealing.com, “A running horse or charging chariot represents success or opportunity coming your way. It is important that you place the head of your horse entering your space and not leaving it.”

Third, bowls of fresh fruit represent the good life! As you eat your “wealth” , it is important to replenish the bowl. An empty fruit bowl reflects diminishing chi.

So, as you head into the weekend, make sure you have your wind chimes in the proper place, find a ceramic horse to draw in opportunity, and place plenty of fresh fruit in a bowl to help money and healthy chi come into your home!

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen



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