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3 American-Made Christmas Gifts for 2014

So, you want to buy American this holiday season. You have arrived at the right place! Our company is run by a husband and wife team dedicated to providing affordable and eco-friendly products that are made and sourced right here in the USA.

Why wind chimes? They are always appropriate regardless of the recipient’s age, sex preference, social standing, gender, etc. You can personalize them or not, but know that whenever your recipient glances upon your wind chimes, he or she will think of you!

Below are our top 3 best-sellers for holiday- yet corporate- Christmas gifts. This said, they will work for any occasion or purpose.

1. Soprano Aquarian Wind Chimes  http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Soprano-Aquarian-Wind-Chimes-p/as.htm

“Recreate the tranquility and peace of a cool mountain stream when you listen to the soothing yet subtle tones produced by this Soprano Aquarian wind chime. This wind chime is a perfect addition to any small cottage or cabin but is also perfectly at home in your back yard.”

2.  Black Medium Himalayan Echo Windchime http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Black-Medium-Himalayan-Echo-Windchime-p/3mb.htm

” Black Powder Coated—- engravings are beautiful (silver on black) Drift away to the mystical Far East as you listen to the soothing harmonies produced by this exquisitely crafted Himalayan Echo wind chime by Grace Notes. Hanging this wind chime near your favorite outdoor area will create your own personalized mountainside retreat. Hand crafted using only the finest of materials, this amazing wind chime is destined to become one of your most cherished treasures!”

3. Alto Chinese Wind chime http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Alto-Chinese-Wind-chime-p/ca.htm

“The distinctive yet subtle tones of the scale on this Alto Chinese wind chime will revitalize the spirit while bringing clarity and balance to your thoughts. This quality crafted wind chime is the perfect addition to a garden or any favorite outdoor area.”

Remember, we offer free shipping on most orders and all of our products come with a 365-day return policy / guarantee.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com



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