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Halloween Wind Chimes Spell

We are a week away form Halloween. And we here at EcoWindChimes.com have a secret and spooky spell to have an amazing Halloween party with wind chimes.

First, gather all your guests around your wind chimes. Make sure the wind chimes are outdoors. Then, make sure any outside garden lights are turned off. If you have a street light nearby, that is OK. Make sure every single participant has a white candle that is lit.

In the circle, chant the following saying,”Halloween night is full of fright. Halloween night is full of ghouls. Halloween night is when we break the rules.” Now, you as the leader must say that you are going to summons the dead and when they arrive, the wind chimes will make a clatter.

Talk out loud in your scariest voice and do everything you can to convince your party goers that the wind chimes will move on their own. Then, with now warning. grab and scream the person next to you. The scare will make the group jump and then give them a laugh!

Make sure to pass on your Halloween wind chime spell to others for next year’s celebrations.



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