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Wind Chimes and Healing

There is something to be said for the healing touch of another human being. Nurses often practice touch medicine, holding hands with elderly or dying patients.  People get massages because they offer holistic help to the mind and body.  But did you know that wind chimes can provide the same thing?

Wind chimes relax the mind. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, aching bones, or even Multiple Sclerosis – wind chimes can help your mind and body in several different ways. The chimes offer a relaxing impact to all nearby regardless of health aliment or not. Some people even play wind chime music at work to help them pass the time, stay calm, and focus.

Below are a few of our recommend products that we sell at EcoWindChimes.com to provide extra-relaxation for mental clarity and relaxation, all though any of our products will provide the same benefits.

1. Small Earthsong Wind Chime


2. Alto Pentatonic Windchime


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Stephen Betzen



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